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Popular Wedding Registry Stores & Registries For Multiple Stores

Registering for your wedding has changed a lot since the days when you could only walk into a store and scan china sets. There are tons of awesome wedding registry options to perfectly fit you as a couple and to help guide guests to buying the gifts you actually need and want! You may also want to register both online and in store for guests who may prefer shopping in the store as opposed to online! Regardless of where you register, we recommend including this information on your wedding website, so guests can easily shop! In this post, we’ll discuss some popular wedding registry stores. Let’s start with some great tools to register with multiple stores under one tool.

Wedding Registry For Multiple Stores

It is common for couples to register with multiple companies to give guests (and couples) a variety of options for gifts. Thanks to some online services, you can easily have a wedding registry for multiple stores:

1. Blueprint Registry

Blueprint works with a number of big names including Crate & Barrel, Amazon, and Macy’s. Their one-stop registry tool allows you to shop various retailers room-by-room, import existing registries, and more! You can also add cash registries, experiences, and gift cards.

2. MyRegistry

MyRegistry allows you to sync an extensive list of stores to create one easy registry list. They offer a super easy to install and use chrome extension to register. Additionally, their phone app allows you to scan for gifts at the store if you want the real in person registering experience! In addition to their list of store partners, add cash funds, experience, and travel gifts all through MyRegistry.

Popular Wedding Registry Stores

Of course, you can also (or instead) register at a store! Many stores offer both online and in-store registering, and its a great option if guests will expect the more traditional route. Here’s 22 popular wedding registry stores:

  1. Target
  2. Macy’s
  3. Crate & Barrel
  4. Amazon
  5. Anthropologie
  6. Pottery Barn
  7. Bed Bath & Beyond
  8. Best Buy
  9. Bloomingdale’s
  10. Kohl’s
  11. Walmart 
  12. Williams Sonoma 
  13. Neiman Marcus
  14. JCPenney
  15. Dillard’s
  16. Restoration Hardware
  17. Sears
  18. CB2
  19. Dillard’s
  20. The Container Store
  21. IKEA
  22. Simon Pearce

Where are you registering? Let us know in the comments!

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