• How to rsvp to a wedding invitation by email
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    How to rsvp to a wedding invitation by email: wording and etiquette

    While many wedding online RSVP tools exist to help hosts optimize response tracking, you may on occasion be asked respond to a wedding invitation via email. Let’s talk about how to rsvp to a wedding invitation by email. When responding to an email invitation, you should make sure that your message is clear, polite and expresses gratitude. Follow these steps: Be polite and formal: Use proper spelling and grammar. Include your contact information so that the person receiving your email may contact you easily if needed. Be positive: Even if the answer is no, do not sound negative. Remember to say thank you, even if it is just to say…

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    Why Choose an Online RSVP?

    One of the most popular emerging trends in wedding planning is the online RSVP.  While online RSVPs are great for many events, many couples find them especially useful for weddings.  So, why choose an online RSVP?  Isn’t it a little tacky compared to traditional paper wedding invitations? This has been the primary concern for many couples considering choosing this option. We decided to break down some of the best reasons we’ve found for using an online RSVP, in some nifty bullet points below: Why Choose An Online RSVP? Have A Green Wedding! The first benefit of an online wedding RSVP is the paper you can save.  A wedding of just…

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    Wedding RSVP Wording Tips

    One of the most common concerns from couples planning their weddings involves their wedding RSVP wording. For example, why do wedding RSVPs have an M?  Couples also want to know how formal or informal they can be with their wording.  There are plenty of places out there with suggestions, but we wanted to compile some basic wedding RSVP wording tips to make your planning easier. Wedding RSVP Wording Tips in General So what are the basic necessities for your wedding RSVP wording? It’s important to remember the key areas of information you need from your wedding RSVP first: Guest Names and Attendance This seems like common sense, but is obviously…