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What Wedding Signs Do I Need For My Wedding?

Wedding signs are quickly becoming a wedding must-have. Cheeky or classic, chalkboard or canvas, wood or acrylic, there are plenty of ways to personalize your wedding day. let your guests know where to go and what to expect of your event at the same time. This year, wedding signs have become critical for encouraging social distancing and safety measures. From seating chart displays to directions, today we are answering the question: What Wedding Signs Do I Need For My Wedding?

13 Wedding Signs You’ll Want For Your Wedding

Ceremony Signs

  1. A Welcome Sign

To kick-off the festivities, a welcoming sign creates a nice first impression for the guests arriving at the venue. Also, it can also help point them in the right direction of your ceremony or reception.

  1. Ceremony Seating

Let guests know they can sit where they’d like at your ceremony to prevent any confusion. Or, let them know where to sit if you have a preference!

  1. Reserved Seating

Special guests receive special treatment! Reserve the seats in the front for your parents and grandparents with a simple “Reserved” sign. 

  1. Unplugged Ceremony

Ask guests to turn off their cameras and phones while you exchange vows so they can fully be there at the ceremony and enjoy the moment with you. 

  1. Ceremony Program

The Ceremony Program usually features your names and the wedding date as well as the names of your parents and wedding parties. Skip the individual programs and do a sign instead!

  1. Order of Events

Guests like to know what they will be doing the whole day. This sign helps them know the answers to three important questions: what, when and where. Consequently this means that you should include key timings and location(s) on this sign. 

Wedding Reception Signs

  1. Guest Book Signage

Encourage your guests to sign the guest book and leave a note for you. If you are doing a more unique guest book, you may need to provide some instructions on your size as well!

  1. Wedding Hashtag

Many couples opt to have a personalized wedding hashtag for their big day. If you are one of them, using a wedding hashtag sign can help you create and navigate through the virtual album of your wedding. 

  1. Where To

Directional signs make the experience easier for your guests. Point them towards the ceremony, restroom, reception area, etc. 

  1. Seating Plan

The table plan is a must if you are allocating seats at your wedding. Try to make it as simple as possible to avoid any confusion.

  1. Favors

Place a small sign near the party favors to ensure your guests won’t leave thank you gifts behind.

  1. Cards & Gifts Sign

This is an effortless way to tell people where to put cards and gifts they may have brought.

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