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7 Ways To Include Mom In Your Wedding Day

Traditionally, moms play a big part behind the wedding scene – from wedding dress shopping to the selection of vendors – moms always know when to give constructive advice and help in making the big day perfect. However, it is no lie that your wedding day is as special (and emotional) to your mother as it is to you. So, while the spotlight of your big day should most definitely be on you and your partner, it’s also a good idea to honor your mother on your big day. We are bringing you a few thoughtful ways to honor your mom and give her a well-deserved moment to shine.

Ask to wear something of hers for your bridal look

Everyone knows about “something old, something new, something blue and something borrowed” tradition that is meant to bring the bride good luck on her wedding day. A sweet way to honor your mother would be to borrow something of hers and wear it on that special day. Whether it is a piece of jewelry or a hairpiece or even a part of her wedding dress sewn into yours, your mom would surely appreciate it. Some brides even opt to wear their mom’s wedding dress for the wedding and then change into another gown for the reception. If your styles do not match, consider borrowing her veil. Or, have a piece of her dress turned into a piece of jewelry or garter!

Ask her to get ready with you

On the morning of your wedding, you will be surrounded by your bridesmaids helping you get ready. Ask your mother to join you and let her have some pre-wedding fun. You will cherish the memory of you two getting your hair and makeup done together forever.

Ask her to walk you down the aisle

Tradition states that it is a father’s duty to walk the bride down the aisle. With that said, modern couples are spinning the old traditions and are attempting to create new ones! Ask your mother to join your father and walk you down the aisle together. Or you can specifically ask her to take the honor!

Ask her to show her talent(s)

It’s possible that your mother makes amazing cocktails or her homemade baked goods are to-die-for. It’s also possible she’s rocking the home improvement thing. Whatever it is, honoring your mother by asking her to make wedding favors or decorations or her oh-so-good chocolate chip cookies, is very unique and the guests will absolutely love seeing how you and your mother paired up to make your day even more special.

Ask her what her favorite flowers are (and include them in your wedding decor)

It’s all about details. Your mother surely has her favorite flowers. You can incorporate them into your bouquet or style your ceremony aisle and reception tables with her favorite blooms.

Ask her for a dance

The father-daughter dance is one thing but no one said mothers can’t have a little fun as well! Dedicate a song to your mother and dance together in front of your guests – make the choreography as simple or complicated as you want. Just have fun and enjoy being with your mother on the dance floor.

Don’t forget to thank her

Make a handwritten note for her to read before the day begins or mention her in your reception toast. Your wedding day is surely an emotional experience for her and you should take the time to express your gratitude towards her (either privately or in front of the guests).

How are you honoring your mom on your wedding day? Share your ideas in the comments!

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