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When To Throw A Bridal Shower

Time really is money when planning upcoming nuptials. If you are a couple that wants to have all of the traditional festivities before the big day, then you must know that there’s a science behind picking the right date for each of them. However, when it comes to throwing a bridal shower, there’s really only simple rule: avoid too early in your engagement and too close to the main event. 

So when’s the best time to throw a bridal shower?

Many say that the optimal time for the bridal shower would be three weeks to three months before the wedding.

Wondering why? For starters, showers and bachelorettes are a great way of building excitement for the big day. Plus, there are a number of tasks to handle prior to the bridal shower. Don’t forget that you can’t send bridal shower invitations before determining your wedding invite list and completing your gift registries. Most invitees will want to know where you are registered so they can shower you with gifts!

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What about throwing it too close to the wedding? The bride will probably be too busy with last-minute arrangements that she won’t be able to relax and enjoy herself. There will also likely be long-distance guests that will need to make travel arrangements. So too close to the big day probably won’t work for them. Lastly, the guests will be showering you with gifts for both your bridal shower and the wedding! So you give them more than a couple of weeks to space out their generous gifts.

In most cases maid of honor is tasked with the planning the bridal shower. All things considered, don’t forget that the final date should work best for the bride and bridal party.

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