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7 Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas

We love that brides and bridesmaids are planning creative bachelorette parties that fit the bride and her unique personality! A bachelorette party doesn’t have to be a night out drinking if the bride hates the bar scene. There are SO many creative bachelorette party ideas, but here are 7 of our favorites!

1. Pick a Creative Bachelorette Party Theme That The Bride Will Love

A theme isn’t necessary for a bachelorette party, but it can definitely jazz things up! A few of our favorites right now are tropical, final fiesta, champagne showers.. the possibilities are endless!

2. Make Sure Create the Perfect Photo Ops

Create many chances for guests to create insta-worthy memories with a photo backdrop, props, and the perfect decor. As the planner, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking pics for the bride so she can focus on having the fun!

3. Consider Hiring a Professional Photographer

On that note, if you really want to make sure you get the perfect pictures you might consider having a professional called in. No need to have them available all night, just schedule a little photo shoot for the beginning of the festivities to make sure you get some non-blurry, frameable pictures!

4. Decide On A Dress Code

Get creative here! Whether it’s fun matching t-shirts, a color story, or having the ladies dress to match your theme, you’ll want to call out a dress code for this event. Again, this helps create amazing photo ops, and sets the tone for the bachelorette party itself.

5. Whether You’re Staying Local or Going Destination, Consider an Airbnb

Even if you’re staying local, an Airbnb allows the party continue as a mass sleepover after the bachelorette festivities. You can book a gorgeous home or apartment, and split between the group this option is likely going to be (lots) cheaper than a hotel suite or 2!

6. Giant Balloons Are a Bachelorette Party Must Have

The hottest trend in bachelorette party decor? Balloons. Get a giant ring, spell something out, or simply buy a bunch! Balloons are sure to delight all your bachelorette party guests.

7. Select Bachelorette Party Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use

As fun as the goofy party favors can be, opt for something you know the ladies will actually love and use! We are big fans of this creative bachelorette party gift box filled with accessories and personal care items the girls will for sure make use of.

Creative Bachelorette Party Gift Box with Makeup and Accessories

Ready for more ideas for creative bachelorette parties? Head over to see our 5 favorite free apps for bachelorette party planning!

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