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5 Free Apps That Every Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower Planner Must Have

Check out our list of free apps to help you plan the perfect Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower!

After experiencing the bridal shower and bachelorette party planning stress firsthand, we decided to compile a list of all the best apps to make everything a whole lot simpler, right from your phone!  Are you ready for your life to get a whole lot easier? Alright, let’s begin.

Google Drive

This might not seem like the most exciting app to start with, but boy is it crucial. Once I realized the full power of Google drive, my planning experiences have gone so much smoother. Since most people have an address ending in these days, you can share your all your important documents with all the fellow planners/bachelorettes and have them make edits real-time. Cut down on the text and email chains, cut down on the overwhelm.


This app serves as a tool for two very important wedding event planning functions: get a head count, and get paid. Instead of trying to send out Venmo requests (which half the group won’t have downloaded) or expecting everyone to bring cash (which everyone will be sure to forget), you can have your party guests send their RSVP, and pitch in for their share for the event at the same time.

Simply set up the amount you want guests to pay using the platform’s online ticketing and events payment system, and guests will be able to pay with their credit card as they submit their RSVP. Cheers to a fewer people to track down for that hotel room with your name and credit card on it.


If you’re planning the ever so popular Nashville Bachelorette party, or any other destination event, TripIt is a must have. When you connect TripIt to your email, it automatically takes your travel confirmation emails and organizes them into an itinerary for you. Beautiful, right? Share the itinerary with your group so they know your travel plans. Stop worrying about organizing all the details. Let TripIt do that for you!


Curate the perfect combination of throwback’s and pump up jams for the bachelorette party. And create a playlist of sweet upbeat love songs for the bridal shower. We love Spotify’s curated playlists, as well as the ability to search for other users’ public playlists. You can even crowdsource your playlist creation by sharing the playlist with fellow planners. We’ve even curated our favorite romantic songs for a bridal shower playlist to get you started.

Bonus Tip: Reuse these playlists (or create new ones) for the day of the wedding. The bride likely isn’t thinking about background music for while the girls are getting ready, or other downtime that may occur throughout the day of the wedding. You’ll be a hero when you come in ready to DJ.


Let’s get real, most people are checking their Facebook feed way more often than their email. Create polls in the group to get a quick consensus, post updates and reminders, and ask for recommendations. You can also see who has and hasn’t seen each post, so you know who you need to follow up with.

What are your favorite bridal shower or bachelorette planning tools? Let us know in the comments!

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