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Venue Review: The Sculpture Garden at Bridgeport Art Center

The Sculpture Garden is the second of two venues at the Bridgeport Art Center. Unlike it’s penthouse counterpart, the Sculpture Garden is located on the ground floor of the building and what it lacks in skyline views, it makes up for in outdoor space. It has a long narrow rectangular space with open archways where most couples opt to have their ceremonies. It has a translucent overhead which enables is to be hosted outside even were weather to become an issue. While the venue does everything it can to make this space suitable for late fall and early spring weddings when Chicago temperatures are inevitably cooler, it’s not really a winter option. After your reception, your guests will proceed inside the beautifully restored warehouse building for the cocktail reception. Dinner tables will be located evenly on either side of the room with the middle space preserved for dancing. The DJ / Band tends to set up along the far fall (opposite the entrance from the patio).

Venue Details

The Sculpture Garden @ Bridgeport Art Center
Capacity: 550 guests (sit down)
Cost: $10,500 (Fri: $7,500)

The Sculpture Garden has a Beautiful Outdoor Space for Your Ceremony and Cocktail Reception

If you’re looking to plan a fall / spring wedding and get the flare of being outdoors while mitigating the weather risks, this is a really nice hybrid venue. The outdoor space is completely customizable in terms of furniture and fixtures and according to the venue, the owner is strongly considering winterizing the outdoor space in time for winter 2018/2019.

Our list of Pros & Cons of choosing the SkyLine Loft for your Wedding:


  • Minimal décor needed on the inside (reception area)
  • Most costs included in venue fee
  • Most costs included in venue fee
  • Bar costs are relatively less expensive to other ‘Chicago’ venues


  • Seasonal restrictions
  • Many support columns add charm of building but makes the room seem a little small / crowded
  • Narrow dance floor that seems a bit awkward
  • Multiple weddings in one location. The SkyLine Loft will also have a wedding the same day but they do seem to do a good job of keeping everything isolated / separate.


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