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    Venue Review: The Sculpture Garden at Bridgeport Art Center

    The Sculpture Garden is the second of two venues at the Bridgeport Art Center. Unlike it’s penthouse counterpart, the Sculpture Garden is located on the ground floor of the building and what it lacks in skyline views, it makes up for in outdoor space. It has a long narrow rectangular space with open archways where most couples opt to have their ceremonies. It has a translucent overhead which enables is to be hosted outside even were weather to become an issue. While the venue does everything it can to make this space suitable for late fall and early spring weddings when Chicago temperatures are inevitably cooler, it’s not really a…

  • The Styleloft at the Bridgeport Art Center
    Chicago,  Wedding Venues

    Venue Overview: The SkyLine Loft at the Bridgeport Art Center

    The SkyLine Loft at the Bridgeport Art Center is one of Chicago’s larger wedding venues located on the south side of Chicago – just over 2 miles to the west of the White Sox stadium (15-20 minutes from downtown Chicago). The building itself is over 100 years old and has been thoughtfully renovated to create a beautiful venue that provides skyline views of Chicago. True to it’s name, it’s a loft-style design as there are large oak beams, solid wood flooring, and exposed brick throughout the space. The SkyLine Loft is one of two wedding venues at the location and is located on the top floor. Venue Details The SkyLine…