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Average Wedding Guest List Size

How many guests are on an average size wedding guest list?

When wedding planning, couples are frequently wondering what is the normal or typical way of doing things. As such, when making the guest list, couples often ask what the average wedding guest list size is. So, we’ve done the research and calculated the average size wedding numbers for you!

Typically, the average wedding guest list consists of around 150 invitees. Depending on the number of couples and families versus individuals invited, this will be about 90-100 parties or households on the guest list. When it comes to invitations, you will want to order 1 invite per household, plus an additional 5-10 invitations to have on hand for keepsakes and in case of any last minute additions or invites that may get lost in the mail.

Now that you know the average wedding guest list size, your next question is likely around how many people you can expect to actually RSVP yes to the big day. There are some awesome resources that can help you calculate this based on the size of your guest list, such as this wedding guest calculator. The number of guests you can expect to actually attend your big day is dependent on a number of factors, including the date chosen and the number of guests who would need to travel to attend.

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