Must Listen Wedding Podcasts

Headphones and coffee on a desk while bride listens to wedding podcast

Wedding podcasts for brides to listen to as they are planning their big day!

We love podcasts because they allow you to take in tons of great information on the go! Podcasts have become a great way to get information on almost any topic you can dream. And you can even listen to podcasts while you’re driving or working out!

There are a number of awesome wedding podcasts out there to help you plan your big day! We’ve compiled 5 of our favorites for you to add to your list.

1. The Bridechilla Podcast

The whole mission behind this wedding podcast is to plan the wedding that YOU want. Host Aleisha McCormack describes herself as ‘your wedding planning nija friend, support person, and a virtual bridesmaid’. This podcast which features interviews with vendors, bloggers, authors, and psychologists. Bridechilla also offers tons of awesome resources to help simplify your wedding planning!

2. From Ring to Veil

Hosted by Shannon Palmer and Kim Mills, the mission of ‘From Ring to Veil’ is to take the stress out and put the fun back into wedding planning. Listen to the knowledge and secrets shared by their expert guests who bring amazing tips and tricks to help you plan your big day!

3. Now You’re Engaged 

Professional filmmaker Kenny Hopkins started in the wedding industry in 2012 and found a lacking of educational resources for couples planning their wedding day. Kenny created the Now You’re Engaged wedding podcast in an effort to fill this gap in the market to help connect couples with high end wedding professionals in a fun and informal way.

4. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Wedding Planners Christy Mathews and Michelle Martinez share all their insider secrets and tips to help you plan your wedding day, and make you laugh a bit in the process!

5. Wedding Planning Podcast 

In this wedding podcast’s ‘weekly meetings’ host Kara Lamerato shows listeners that wedding planning doesn’t need to cost tons of money, time, or stress. A wedding professional since 2011, Kara provides straightforward 10-15 minute episodes packed with advice!

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