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Your Guide To Moissanite Engagement Rings

If you’ve started researching engagement rings, you’ve likely come across the term “moissanite”. That’s because moissanite engagement rings have been increasingly popular in recent years. While moissanite isn’t a diamond, it looks really similar! So why moissanite engagement rings instead of diamonds? We’ll discuss the pros and cons, keep on reading!

What is moissanite?

Moissanite is actually a precious gemstone. Natural moissanite though is really rare, so these stones are lab grown. They are durable for everyday wear, which on top of looking like a diamond, make them a great choice for engagement rings. Also like diamonds, moissanites range in color and quality. It wasn’t until 2015 that technology was invented for colorless moissanite. “Classic” moissanite will be more of a yellow or green in color. Colorless moissanite is higher quality, and therefore more expensive. But, still less expensive than a diamond. Which brings us to the next question, why choose moissanite?

Comparison between different moissanite stone types and qualities
Source: Do Amore
Left: Classic Moissanite | Middle: Forever One Near Colorless Moissanite | Right: Forever One Colorless Moissanite

Why moissanite engagement rings?

There are a few reasons that moissanite has become a trend in jewelry and more specifically engagement rings. Firstly, they are less expensive then diamond engagement rings. Like, way less. We’re talking up to 90% less here. But, this isn’t some cheap alternative to a diamond. For example, cubic zirconia looks similar to a diamond, but it won’t hold up over time. Moissanite will. And no, a moissanite engagement ring is absolutely not tacky!

Moissanite cost comparison chart
Source: Angela Monaco Jewelry

Another major consideration when choosing moissanite is that they are an ethical and sustainable choice. Because they are lab-grown, no mining takes place to procure your stone. This also makes their origins easily traceable. On top of that, these lab-created beauties shave a smaller carbon footprint, resulting in less of an environmental impact.

Consumers are increasingly focused on making ethical buying decisions. On top of moissanite being a newer diamond alternative, this increase in awareness is likely a big reason why moissanite is becoming so popular.

Where to buy moissanite

While competitors are emerging, Charles and Colvard are the creators and only manufacturers of moissanite in the United States. This definitely makes them a top pick and a great place to begin when looking to buy a moissanite engagement ring.

Wherever you buy, it is always best to purchase an engagement ring from a trustworthy and premier source. If you’re buying online, make sure to consider exchange policy, returns, and warranties.

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