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How To Host a Drive-By Bridal Shower

The impact of Coronavirus on the wedding and event industry has been devastating. But, the show must go on! When it comes to wedding creativity, only sky is the limit! Plus, nothing says “2020” like having to host a virtual or drive-by bridal shower!

What Is A Drive-By Bridal Shower?

A drive-by bridal shower (or drive-through) is an event that allows social distancing for the guests while they shower the bride-to-be with love and happiness (and gifts). Cars line up in front of the bride’s home and drop off the gifts through the car window. It doesn’t necessarily have to take place in front of the bride’s home, it can be arranged at a parking lot or any other appropriate place. Just like the micro wedding trend, drive-by bridal showers are a way to celebrate the start of the new chapter in life while keeping social distance and ensuring everyone’s safety and health. However, you have to be resourceful when coming up with ideas to keep the festivities going.

Drive-By Wedding Shower Invitations

Thankfully, designers have jumped on the drive-by shower trend and have created beautiful designs for your drive-by shower. Depending on your timeline, you may opt to go for an email invite or Facebook event instead! But, paper invites feel fancy and special, and are great if they work in your timeline and budget.

In your invite you’ll need to include the oh-so important instructions for how your drive-by shower will work. Typically attendees will gather somewhere nearby first, then take off together to begin the parade!

Here are a few of our favorite drive-by bridal or wedding shower invitations:

Drive By Bridal Shower Invitation with Pink Car and Glitter
Green Eucalyptus Drive Thru Bridal Shower Invitation
Boho Drive By Bridal Shower with Pampas Grass Invitation

Drive-By Shower Decorations & Atmosphere

Decorations will help make your drive through shower feel like the celebration it is! Like your standard shower, you may consider a particular theme, or just decide on a nice color scheme! You’ll want to setup a gift table and a favors station. We recommend having someone stand at each of the stations to help collect gifts and pass out favors, of course while adhering to social distancing!

Here are some fun decoration ideas to get you started (you can find more on our Pinterest board!).


Balloons are always an inexpensive and fun decoration! Use golf tees to stake balloons into the lawn. Or, create a balloon garland around the front door, garage, or around your table.

Use balloons to decorate lawn for your bridal shower celebration!
Source: Pinterest
Diamond Ring Balloon Kit for Drive By Shower Decor
19 piece balloon kit & signs for $30!
Banner or Yard Signs

Banners or yard signs are another fun and easy way to jazz up the yard for your celebration! Banners can easily be hung across the garage or house.

Drive By Bridal Wedding Shower Banner Decoration
Gold Glitter Lawn Sign with Text "Elizabeth's Bridal Shower"

Encourage Attendees to Get Festive Too!

On top of your decorations, encourage those attendees to creatively decorate their vehicles! Signs, balloons, and car paint are simple ways to get everyone in on the fun. You may consider doing this as a group at your designated meeting spot before the shower begins! Bring some extra decorations to help anyone who might have forgotten!

Drive-By Shower Favors

Have a fun treat or favor to send guests on their way after the drive-by parade! Here’s 9 ideas (most under $5 per favor) all perfect for drive-by showers.

  1. Champagne Gummy Bear Packets
  2. Personalized Hershey’s Kisses
  3. Mini Champagne Bubbles (guests can blow bubbles as they pass!)
  4. Hand Sanitizer with Cute Stickers
  5. Add these cute labels to any treat
  6. Personalized Candles (under $3 each)
  7. Glittery (& beautiful!) Lollipops
  8. Personalized Rose Bath Bombs (under $2 each)
  9. Diamond Mini Soaps (under $2 each)
"spread love not germs" hand sanitizer favors
"wash your hands" social distancing lollipops perfect for a quarantine shower!

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