What are the benefits of online wedding invitations?

Online Wedding Invitations – Should You Use Them?

A growing trend in wedding planning recently is the use of online wedding invitations. While other casual events have already begun using them, should you choose a digital wedding invitation? Unlike other modern wedding trends, some couples may consider online wedding invitations tacky or non-traditional. However, there are some definite benefits to moving your having your wedding invitations online. Here are a few reasons we’ve gathered to consider this new trend for your wedding:

Online Wedding Invitations are Eco-Friendly!

The first big benefit to a digital wedding invitation is the savings of paper and envelopes. With normal weddings often involving over one hundred guests, that adds up to quite a lot of paper invitations, envelopes, and other elements like RSVP cards. By choosing an online wedding invitation, you can eliminate all of this wasted paper by instead filling up your guests’ inboxes. Why not save the planet while planning your wedding?

Online Wedding Invitations are Cheap!

This point builds off our first point – all of that extra paper costs you extra money! Instead of paying for all those expensive envelopes and fancy card stock, you’re simply sending out emails. For many couples who are planning on a budget, this is an easy area for you to cut costs. This way, you can spend your budget on things like food, your reception hall, or catering. Isn’t that more fun than wasting it on paper?

They’re Also Super Convenient

In the past, tracking invitations and responses involved legal pads or spiral notebooks. Changes caused couples to recreate guest list after guest list on paper. However, online invitations (just like online RSVPs) allow you to send and collect your responses digitally. They also allow you to access, design, and transmit your invitations right from your tablet or smartphone. These are just a few of the reasons why online invitations can streamline what was once a headache-inducing part of the wedding planning process.

Get Creative With Online Wedding Invitations Too!

Lastly, online wedding invitations are a perfect place for you to flex your creativity. With all of the web design tools available to you, the ability and opportunity to create a custom wedding invitation that includes images or themes you want to reflect for your big day are endless. If you like to design and create, there are way more opportunities here than with a traditional paper invitation.

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