Plan An After Party For My Wedding – Should I Do It?

We get it. Planning the wedding alone is a pretty big deal. From the ceremony and its traditions to the reception and all its bells and whistles. Everyone can get pretty overwhelmed with just handling that. Plus, after the big day, most brides and grooms are just looking to enjoy their time with each other! It’s no surprise then that many couples wonder, do I have to plan an after party for my wedding? Isn’t the reception enough?

We run down some of the benefits to planning an after party here.  Since we already covered some of the downsides, we figured it was time to focus on the plus side of your wedding after party.

Why Do I Have To Plan An After Party For My Wedding? Is it a rule?

No, not at all! You might be too wiped out from the ceremony and reception to enjoy it. There is also no tradition that you need a wedding after party. The choice is completely up to any couple if they want to extend the celebration, but no one should expect it.

But You Can Extend the Fun

Every wedding couple learns that the wedding itself is a blur of activity. With pictures, all the friends and family, and all the events, time can really fly! So one of the best things about a wedding after party is the chance to spend more time with the folks you really couldn’t wait to see.  This way, you won’t feel rushed or like you have to divide your time too much. Even a casual wedding after party, like lunch at your home the day after, is great for this.

You Can Be More Casual

Even modern couples usually feature some traditional wedding elements, and so even casual weddings can feel formal. However, an after party is just that – a party! So whether it’s drinks at your favorite dive bar or a BBQ, you can choose to celebrate in the most comfortable and casual way you want. No tuxedos or dresses required!

You Can Unwind

Possibly the most important reason for a wedding after party is to process the experience. Marriage is (for most) a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With your big day and all its planning behind you, you might just want to think. Having a few drinks or dancing with friends and family is a great way to do this! You can also choose a more relaxing environment to talk over what you just experienced with your closest ones.

Okay, I’m ready to plan an after party for my wedding, now what?

Check out some of the many suggestions for your after party on the web! The Knot has some great tip sheets and suggestions for wedding after parties. If you love to plan, guess what – now you’ve got something else to add to your list!

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