What do modern wedding cakes have to offer?
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Modern Wedding Cakes: Why Choose Them?

Modern wedding cakes are becoming more common during the receptions of marriage ceremonies. Traditional cakes are usually covered in a thick layer of icing and stacked like a tower. The difficulty in making these delicious desserts comes into play when you consider that the cake needs to support any decorations that the couple or wedding planner desires. Just as white dresses aren’t always right for every bride anymore, the standard wedding cake may not be right for every couple.

What exactly do you mean by modern wedding cakes?

Cakes nowadays might not even be cakes. They may be made up of tens or hundreds of cupcakes. Themes make a big difference in the cake and its components.Now more than ever, there are a greater number of alternative lifestyles and diets that determine what a person can and cannot eat. This has invariably given birth to a niche that many chefs and bakers have tried to fill. It isn’t traditional, but if it leads to tastier desserts, then all the more power to the bakers out there.

There are, however, some considerations that should be made in order to aid in choosing or creating the perfect cake. Before anything else (especially if the planner or baker isn’t good friends with the bride and groom) they should check if the lovely couple or any of their immediate family is allergic to anything.

Don’t forget your cake eaters!

The fanciest modern wedding cakes won’t do a lick of good if they cause the groom to break out in hives. Allergies are popping out by the barrelful, and it pays to be careful. Some allergic reactions can be particularly dramatic and even require hospitalization. That would obviously be a massive problem in the middle of a wedding! A little precaution can go a long way.

Modern wedding cakes are becoming increasingly common, but mental blocks are still an issue. Much like picking the right dress or the appropriate decoration, it’s something that can be resolved by theme. You can also turn to others for inspiration, like this handy-dandy list at Brides.com.

The cake could be shaped like one of the many ships  present in many of those science fiction works. If the couple’s interested in sports , why not a cake with boxing glove shaped cupcakes or cookies.

Why should I care?

Food is a good way to get people in a celebrating mood and during a wedding the cake is usually a centerpiece of the reception. Hungry people are rarely up for joyous shouting or anything remotely enjoyable. Just like the theme of the marriage ceremony, it’s vital part of making sure that a wedding is a memorable success. Keep that in mind when you’re looking through modern wedding cakes to pick yours!

Now that you’ve considered that, ready for some tips for picking out the perfect dress?

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