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Creative Ways to Save Money on a Wedding

It’s the question on every couple’s mind – how can we make the most out of our wedding budget? From venues to vendors, it’s easy to find yourself running out of money planning your big day. The good news? In these modern technological times, there are plenty of great ways to get the most bang for your buck. To give you some ideas on how to do this, we’ve focused on four creative ways to save money on a wedding. There are plenty more out there, but these should be a good way to get started!

Creative Ways To Save Money on a Wedding

1. Non-traditional Wedding Venues And Dates

Before we even tackle venues, there’s an easy first step – don’t get married on a Saturday! While everyone assumes that Saturdays are the only acceptable wedding dates, opting for a Sunday or even a Friday wedding can save you boatloads of money, as venues are usually in much less demand on those days. So, even if you are set on a summer wedding date (right in the middle of the busy season), moving to a non-traditional day can be a huge discount for your venue budget.

Another option is to consider a non-traditional wedding venue. Have friends with a big farmhouse or barn? More and more couples are opting for rustic weddings, which can lend beauty and elegance while saving on cost. Even a spot on a beach or lakefront near you could be a good choice. The bottom line is, don’t assume you need to go where everyone else goes.

2. Budget Wedding Dress Options

While some brides will never want to skimp on their dress, more and more brides are considering budget alternatives. For some creative types, that might mean designing your own wedding dress. Working with a particularly small budget? There are also a ton of great sites for used wedding dresses, which can provide a classic look for a fraction of the normal cost. This goes for grooms too – while you might want to spend the extra money on a tuxedo or suit that you can use in the future, many grooms are opting to rent suits to cut down on costs for themselves and their groomsmen.

3. Online Invitations and RSVPs

While traditional wedding invitations can still convey a particular elegance, more and more couples are also choosing to handle their wedding invitations and RSVPs online. Not only does this save on paper, it also removes the extra work of writing and snail mailing information out to all of your guests. Not only is it cheaper, but moving your invites and RSVPs online also allow you to collect information, handle seating charts, communicate with your guests conveniently, and even collect payments for your wedding, all from your computer or phone. Save money, save time, and save headaches? It’s a triple win.

4. Food and Drink Considerations

Catering your reception can often snowball into a major cost as everything from appetizers to cocktails to the main course can pile up. However, outsourcing some of these aspects to handle either personally or through trusted friends and family is a great option. Got a baker in the family? Then your dessert option is all set. Have to have an open bar? Then consider limiting the options to keep your liquor bill reasonable. While some venues will handle the food and beverage service as part of the rental, avoiding paying double for both a venue and a caterer can also help you control your costs here.

Got some more creative ways to save money on a wedding that we didn’t cover here? Share them with us!

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