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Wedding Dress: Should You Design Yours?

Weddings are one of the most anticipated events in any couple’s life. From seeing family and friends after a long time to the reception, there are a lot of reasons to be excited.  However, wedding planning usually isn’t one of those reasons.  Specifically, planning your wedding dress.

Part of the anxiety from wedding planning is due to the hype of others, there are good reasons for your hesitation.  This is especially true if you are stuck to a limited or fixed budget.  Part of the problem that arises is often due to the way different wedding items pile up before you know it. So, it’s key to break down the different aspects of a wedding for you to consider while planning your budget.  Today, let’s focus on the wedding dress. Does it really pay to design your own wedding dress?

PROs of Designing Your Wedding Dress

If you want to cut down on the cost of the attire, the best thing to do is to design your wedding dress on your own. If you have a knack for designing—and even sewing—you can use your skills to pull off a budget-friendly wedding. How? Instead of hiring a designer that would do the sketches for you, you save costs in the planning and design aspect.

Creativity is another big plus, especially for those of you with your own skills.  Or, even better, those with some helpful designer friends. This lets you get the chance to make a statement with all the variations you want to create.  It also lets you wow your friends and family

Because of modern technology, more and more brides-to-be are getting into designing their own wedding dresses. Sites like Anomalie and Bluethread Bridal offer you the ability to create your own dream gown.  Sites like this give you a chance to scheme out ideas before diving into buying or designing your own wedding dress.

CONs of Designing Your Wedding Dress

For those of you who aren’t in the creative set this can be a daunting undertaking.  Buying or renting might be the most convenient option for you if you can find a choice within your budget.

Relying on the Internet alone for your wedding dress also removes a traditional aspect of the wedding process.  Going with friends and family to try out a wedding dress in person is a hallmark of the wedding experience.  Sure, the Internet is convenient. But sometimes choosing your wedding dress in person is worth the extra time and effort

If you don’t have experience or a close friend with the ability to help out, even the costs for designing your own wedding dress can expand rapidly.  Make sure to figure out what materials, design, and wait time would look like before choosing this option.  That way you save yourself unnecessary headaches later.

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