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Beach Wedding Planning Tips

While considered a luxury by many, the beach wedding is becoming a fun, casual, and beautiful choice these days. As we know though, planning any wedding is already a headache at times.  A beach wedding can add a few more wrinkles to this, but don’t be scared! Planning your beautiful ceremony, with waves crashing in the back, can definitely be worth it! Here are some tips for you to consider when doing your beach wedding planning:

Formal vs Casual?

The first question to consider before diving into those Tropical Hawaiian Wedding Idea sites is how you want to approach your event.  Is it going to be a formal occasion, which might require a lot more work finding a location and/or reception hall in an already expensive beachfront area? Is it going to be casual, or small, where just a few close friends and family in their beachwear attend?  Once you’ve hammered out how you feel about this question, you can start moving on to the other big ones.  Here’s another thing to consider:

Beach Wedding Attire

It goes without saying that a beach wedding brings a whole new set of considerations for attire.  Whether it’s the wedding dress and suit for the groom (which get tough in the sand), or your guests, think hard about this.  Nothing would be worse than having a beautiful suit or gown ruined by the weather.  Or, dealing with dozens of miserable guests who have sea spray and salt in their formal wear.

For the bride, the good news is there are already plenty of spots with cute and creative beach wedding dress ideas: David’s Bridal has a plethora of options, and check out this handy dandy feature from Bridal Guide for some more inspiration!  Men have this a bit easier, in that many companies and designers already have taken formal wear at the beach into mind.  Check out this great feature from style master GQ for some ideas for the groom too!

Beach Wedding Location, Location, Location

While it’s easy to get caught up staring at dreamy photos of tropical locations, remember to be practical when considering your beach wedding location.  While a nuptial on the beach in Fiji certainly would be something you remember for the rest of your life, consider a few things first:

  1. Can your friends and family attend, logistically? You don’t want to be the only ones there
  2. What’s the climate like at the time of your wedding date?  Many a wedding couple have been soaked by downpours or drenched in sweat from an ill-chosen location
  3. What would the costs be?  Along with the wedding itself, lodging, travel, and other elements can add up in a hurry.  If you have a great local option, this isn’t as big of a deal.  But like everything else with wedding planning, the dollars and cents add up quick.

Still have questions while planning your beach wedding? We’d recommend checking out A Practical Wedding’s take on it for even more tips!


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