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Wedding Table Decorations: Picking the Perfect One

Perfect wedding table decorations, while seemingly insignificant, can help set the mood or theme for your guests and yourselves! Of course, ideas for centerpieces don’t always pop out at will.  This is why we’ve compiled some tips to consider as you go about choosing your ideal wedding table centerpiece.  From your wedding theme, to the costs associated, here’s a few suggestions to help your wedding planning!

Consider Your Theme

There are many ways that you could start creating the idea and general vision for the centerpiece. The most common way is simply matching the theme that the bride and groom are looking to create during the marriage ceremony itself. Whether that theme is something traditional, or something modern and creative, identifying the general theme you have in mind is key.  Choosing a winter wedding? Why not some fake snow, icicles, or holiday-themed touches for your centerpiece?  Did you both meet doing a certain activity you both love, like sailing? Why not go for a nautical themed wedding table decoration in that case!   Wedding table centerpieces are an ideal place for you to subtly (or obviously, if you prefer to be a bit gaudy) reinforce your chosen theme for your guests!

Find Inspiration on the Web!

Much like the many other small elements of a wedding, luckily for you there are already some great sites and features that highlight some of the best ideas for your wedding table decorations.  These days, the budget-conscious couple can always start with Etsy.  The growing community of designers there can provide all sorts of crafty and creative choices.

Need a bit more guidance?  There are also some great opinion articles available.  We recommend hopping over to Beau Coup to check out some of the many great ideas they’ve compiled.

What About The Cost of Wedding Table Decorations?

Of course, it almost goes without saying that you need to keep cost in mind when making your choices.  A large wedding with tons of tables will require, naturally, an equally large amount of centerpieces.  Don’t get too hung up on the individual cost of a decoration.  Instead remember to consider how many you’ll need when doing your wedding planning budget.

On the flip side, a small, intimate wedding may be the perfect place for you to go a little overboard and choose something beautiful and memorable for your wedding table decorations.  With less people to impress, your budget could stand to go with some more opulent choices to really wow your guests.

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