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How Do I Make My Wedding Ring Smaller?

We know the horror. You have chosen a beautiful wedding ring (or had it picked well for you). You can’t wait to start wearing it around the workplace or post a nice hand pic to social media. But then, right when you try it on, you find out the worst has happened. The ring is too big for your finger! Instead of fitting snugly, it hangs loosely. Aside from not looking great, there’s also the concern that it might fall off in the shower or pool! Luckily, there are some easy ways to fix this problem. Let us help you when you wonder, how do I make my wedding ring smaller?

Alright It Happened – Now how do I make my wedding ring smaller?

Fear not – you’ll still have your left ring finger looking good soon! Fortunately, there are a few jeweler methods for resizing a ring that can do the trick:

Sizing Beads

This is a simple trick a jeweler can use. They simply insert two small metal beads on the inside and rear section of your ring. The beads can close some of the extra space, as well as remain unseen. However, one downside is that some users find them uncomfortable and irritating. You can usually try some sample beads at any jeweler you visit.

Spring Insert

A spring insert is also an easy tool from a jeweler, able to resize your ring up to one full ring size. It is shaped like a horseshoe and attached to the inner part of your ring. Like the beads, it is hidden, and it will also expand or contract to allow the ring onto your finger.

Permanent Resizing

If you don’t want to choose either of these more temporary (and perhaps more tacky) options, you may need to have your ring dropped off at a jeweler for a permanent resizing. While this may usually be the most expensive of these three choices, it also will permanently solve the problem. Since you plan to wear your ring for decades, this may be worth the investment.

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