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Why Do Wedding Dresses Have To Be White? – Ask Wedding Experience

It’s time for Ask Wedding Experience, where we answer (or do our best to answer) your most pressing wedding-related questions, no matter how weird OR common they might be.  Today’s question deals with one of the oldest traditions in the wedding industry.  That question is, why do wedding dresses have to be white? The Wedding Experience team takes its best shot at giving you the answer below.

Why do wedding dresses have to be white, as opposed to red, black etc?

There are quite a few historical reasons and precedents to point to in answering this question.  One of the most common ideas has always been that white symbolizes the virginity of the bride.  While that may not *ahem* always be the case with modern weddings, many assume this is still the foundation.  While close, virginity is not necessarily what is being symbolized.  Often, the white wedding dress is meant to represent a symbolic purity of the soul for a bride.  We like this explanation a bit better, as it removes the more awkward factor of sexuality.

Another explanation for the choice of white also has to do with religious precedent.  Traditionally, a white gown was also the choice for a Christening.  As such, the continuance of the white gown has its foundations in Christian traditions.  So, much like our traditional calendar, it’s another example of Christian traditions becoming adopted by a wider population.  Want to know more about the history? Check out this article to learn more about the interesting history of wedding gowns.

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