• Wedding Table Decorations
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    Wedding Table Decorations: Picking the Perfect One

    Perfect wedding table decorations, while seemingly insignificant, can help set the mood or theme for your guests and yourselves! Of course, ideas for centerpieces don’t always pop out at will.  This is why we’ve compiled some tips to consider as you go about choosing your ideal wedding table centerpiece.  From your wedding theme, to the costs associated, here’s a few suggestions to help your wedding planning! Consider Your Theme There are many ways that you could start creating the idea and general vision for the centerpiece. The most common way is simply matching the theme that the bride and groom are looking to create during the marriage ceremony itself. Whether…

  • Choosing monogram wedding cake toppers
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    Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers: Choosing the Right One

    Customized monogram wedding cake toppers can spice up just about any cake. While humorous statuettes and figurines are growing more common at marriage ceremonies, some people simply want more class and style in their wedding. A monogram is perfect for creating that image. Couples or decorators can pick from a template of many different monograms. Most stores that offer them have a wide variety of templates. Others still offer personalization by allowing the customer to create their own monogram. While fancy and funny cake toppers are perfectly fine, some people simply want to remember their wedding or marriage ceremony as a classy and sophisticated event. That’s fine too. There nothing…

  • What do modern wedding cakes have to offer?
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    Modern Wedding Cakes: Why Choose Them?

    Modern wedding cakes are becoming more common during the receptions of marriage ceremonies. Traditional cakes are usually covered in a thick layer of icing and stacked like a tower. The difficulty in making these delicious desserts comes into play when you consider that the cake needs to support any decorations that the couple or wedding planner desires. Just as white dresses aren’t always right for every bride anymore, the standard wedding cake may not be right for every couple. What exactly do you mean by modern wedding cakes? Cakes nowadays might not even be cakes. They may be made up of tens or hundreds of cupcakes. Themes make a big…