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4 Hilarious Games For Your Wedding Party

Wedding games are a perfect way to entertain your guests at your wedding or engagement party, but there are just so many to choose from! To help throw a great wedding party and celebrate the happy couple, check out these four printable wedding activities from Zola. All are easy to play, flexible enough to allow guests to make their own fun, and will help kick off a night to remember.  

1. Test Your Knowledge of Famous Couples

Trivia game to test knowledge of famous couples

This game will delight the film and literature lovers at your party. To play, the first player draws a card. The card will have the name of a famous fictional couple on it. The player has to ask the group a series of yes or no questions to try to guess the fictional couple as quickly as possible. 

For some added fun, make each player’s turn time-sensitive by setting a one-minute timer on your phone. 


2. Let Guests Write Messages in a Bottle

Message in a bottle wedding game free download

For this activity, you can set up a table laid out with markers, pens, a large bottle, and these printable cards. On their own time, guests can come up to the table, write messages to the newlyweds on a card, and then roll up the card to stick it in the bottle. Depending on your guests, the messages can be meant to make you smile or laugh. 

After the wedding festivities are over, you and your partner can decide when to open the bottle and read the messages. You can always read them the next day, but it can make for a great anniversary activity to save them for a year later.


3. Ask Newlywed Game Questions

Clipboard displaying newlywed game questions

The newlywed game is a classic for good reason. For those unfamiliar, it’s a lighthearted quiz to see which person knows their partner best. 

To play this version, you need to prepare a little before the event. One party guest should (separately) email both members of the couple with these questionnaires for them to answer. The couple shouldn’t share or discuss their answers with each other. 

When the event comes around, print out the questionnaires for both members of the couple to fill out again, this time trying to correctly guess trivia about the other. When they’re done, an emcee will compare their answers with the correct answers from the emails, and see who knows their partner best!


4. Play Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever wedding game paddles

Chances are, you’ve played Never Have I Ever before, but this version is tailored for a wedding party! Sit the couple in the middle of the group and give each a paddle. One side of the paddle admits “I Have Done That,” while the other triumphantly says “I Have Never Done That.”

Each player starts with all five fingers up. Now, ask the couple a series of questions on what they have or haven’t done. To answer each question, they’ll show the corresponding paddle, and put a finger down if they answer yes. The first player to put all their fingers down loses the game.


Now you have some ideas for easy, wedding-themed games to spark laughter and engage everyone at your big celebration. The best thing about these wedding games? They can be played at a virtual wedding party as well as an in-person one, so matter how far apart your guests are, you can let them all in on the fun! 

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