Why do wedding cakes cost so much, anyway?
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Why Do Wedding Cakes Cost So Much? – Ask Wedding Experience

It’s time for Ask Wedding Experience, where we answer (or do our best to answer) your most pressing wedding-related questions, no matter how weird OR common they might be.  Today’s question focuses on a very common gripe among future brides and grooms when planning their wedding.  That question is, why do wedding cakes cost so much? The Wedding Experience team takes its best shot at giving you the answer below.

Why do wedding cakes cost so much? Are they made of gold?

The short answer is, because wedding cakes are much more important and featured than most.  While your birthday cake may be noticed during the blowing of the candles, wedding cakes are meant to be a feature of the reception.  Because traditional wedding cakes feature multiple tiers and elaborate designs, they require more work.  As with anything, more work always includes an increased cost for the work being done.  Likewise, wedding cakes must stay fresh longer, since they will be on display without refrigeration for a longer period.  This means wedding cake ingredients require more additives, more consideration, and better quality.  Add on to this the custom designs and flourishes that most couples want.  With all of these things together, it’s no surprise that wedding cake cost becomes an eye opener.

Of course, there are always some options for budget wedding planners to consider.  This article from The Knot lays out a number of tips for getting the most for your money when it comes to buying wedding cakes.  As with anything in the wedding planning process, it’s important to consider whether you want to blow your budget on something like the cake.  Or, save your money for other aspects of the ceremony and reception instead.

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