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Why Is It Good Luck If It Rains On Your Wedding Day? – Ask Wedding Experience

It’s time for Ask Wedding Experience, where we answer (or do our best to answer) your most pressing wedding-related questions, no matter how weird OR common they might be.  Today’s question focuses on a classic piece of wedding day superstition and folklore.  That question is, why is it good luck if it rains on your wedding day? The Wedding Experience team takes its best shot at giving you the answer below.

Why is it good luck if it rains on your wedding day? Shouldn’t it be bad?

The root of this tradition is, like many superstitions, based in symbolism. No bride is probably excited about rain on their wedding day.  But, the rain itself can represent many good things for a couple’s future.


Rain has always been interpreted as a sign of fertility and growth. So, if you are a couple planning on some little ones in the future, this might be a great omen!


Much like the saying “April showers bring May flowers”, rain can also be a sign of refreshment and renewal. With a couple’s relationship moving to an exciting new stage, rain can symbolize the renewal of the relationship, both symbolically and officially.


We all know that rain washes dirty away. It can also symbolize the cleansing of your past or youth. Since weddings are long considered to be the next step in life, rain can symbolize the rinsing of the past away too.

While a couple planning an outdoor wedding might not take much comfort in these symbolic interpretations, at least you can consider the bright side of a rainy wedding day!  There are even other interpretations, some of which are broken down here.  If that’s not comfort enough, Brides.com was kind enough to come up with seven practical reasons for you to be ok with rain on your special day too!

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